Automate Teacher Email Notifications for Missing Items During STEM Kit Refurbishment

STEM Kit refurbishment for can be a frustrating time.  Some teachers are great and return all the permanent items with the kit, but many times items are missing. When an item is found missing, a worker has to document the missing item, look up the teacher for that kit, look up that teacher’s email address, then type out the email.  This process takes time and is prone to error.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically email the teacher when you find that an item is missing?

WIMS for STEM Webinar SeriesWell, with WIMS for STEM, you can!  When an item is missing, the worker uses the barcode scanner to indicate the missing item, and a form email is automatically generated listing the missing item(s) and sent to the teacher.  You can even set a threshold dollar amount on this process.  Say you only want to send emails when the item is $5 or more.  You can do that with WIMS for STEM.  And you can copy principles and administrators if needed.

Take a look for yourself. We are beginning a new, bi-monthly webinar series that will concentrate on some of the most popular features and functionality included in WIMS for STEM. These will be short, 30 minute demonstrations that focus on specific topics. Our first webinar in this series is titled “Automate teacher email notifications for missing items during kit refurbishment”. Don’t miss out on this exciting webinar series!

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