It was 11:00 last Thursday evening when our own Glenn Kinstler did something he really shouldn’t have. Three hours later, as his head hit the pillow, he asked himself how he could someday use his blunder to serve the Greater Good.


‘That’s it: I’ll call it a Learning Experience.’

“The short version is, I was using a workflow to concatenate [in plain English, merge] two separate fields to rename about 1200 records in one of our clients’ Dynamic CRM databases. But I forgot there was a subset of about 140 records that didn’t need to be renamed. Unfortunately, there is no ‘Undo’ button in CRM. So I had to manually go back, and change that entire subset of records. One record at a time.”


What he should have done is – –

“I should have created a ‘Temp Field’ to store the new, merged name — without overwriting the existing value.”
(See below)



“Once I was satisfied that the merged name looked right, I could then use another workflow to copy the Temp Field to the ‘Permanent’ name. If the merged name didn’t look right, I could easily edit the Temp Value without affecting the ‘Permanent’ Value.


Here’s how the formatting of the 2nd Workflow would look.



Did we mention it was One Record At A Time?

“Instead, I had to go into the Audit History of the affected records, and manually change the names back to the old value. For about 140 records. Did I mention it was about 140 records?”



Moral: Do as we say. Not as he did.



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  • I’d try to remember this when I’m doing some change in database for one of my users. But I think, this is something that Microsoft Dynamic should start handling, at least adding an undo button for big changes.

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