Aug 17

Five Compelling Reasons To Use The Mobile Outlook App

Outlook is the most popular email client on desktops. Why not enjoy the same experience on your phone?   In my post last week, I introduced the first great reason to replace your phone’s native email app with Outlook — namely, easy integration with Dynamics 365. Below are the four other main reasons I recommend […]

Aug 10

Big Improvements in Mobile Outlook / CRM Integration

Now you can track emails in Dynamics 365 anytime, anywhere. I was out of the office the other day when I received a couple emails I wanted to 1) track-back to Dynamics 365, and 2) create new Lead records for. If you’ve tried the same thing on your phone in the past, you know what a pain it was. […]

Jul 13

Avoid this easy-to-make Dynamic 365 mistake.

  It was 11:00 last Thursday evening when our own Glenn Kinstler did something he really shouldn’t have. Three hours later, as his head hit the pillow, he asked himself how he could someday use his blunder to serve the Greater Good.   ‘That’s it: I’ll call it a Learning Experience.’ “The short version is, I […]

Jun 22

From 3 databases & a fax machine to a single portal

Transforming a STEM program’s inventory management system Based in Green Bay, The Einstein Project leases specialized kits to educators; kits designed to give students hands-on learning experiences for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Under the leadership of Executive Director Kelly Ellis, the non-profit impacts some 5,000 educators and 65,000 Pre-K to 8th-Grade students in […]

Executive working on laptop with documents on the desk
Jun 12

“We wanted a firm-management solution that fit us. Not vice-versa.”

One firm’s path to 2B-LAW There was a special sense of urgency behind Frier Levitt’s recent search for an updated & improved firm management software system. “We’d stored so much data in our previous platform, we were very close to crashing it,” explains co-founding partner Jonathan Levitt. At the same time, continues Project Manager & […]

Yammer Logo 2
Nov 02

Turns out you CAN remove Yammer from CRM Online!!

What was once impossible, is now possible Many of you may be aware that Microsoft offers Yammer integration with CRM Online.  Yammer is Microsoft’s “Enterprise Social Network” and provides a way for employees to communicate without e-mail.  Enabling Yammer for CRM Online is easy – too easy in fact.   According to Microsoft documentation, once Yammer […]