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Conference Case Study

Conference Attendance and Ticket Tracking

Mobile Scanners and Real-Time Reporting Streamline Conference Check-in, Attendance & Follow-up  



2B Solutions recently provided products and services to an alternative asset management firm that works with family offices, endowments, institutions and companies who invest in alternative assets. They are based out of Birmingham, AL with several offices worldwide. They holds an annual investor’s conference in New York for around 150-200 of their clients as well as prospective clients. For years, they’ve relied on a manual registration and check in process for the investor conference but struggled with the time it took to get attendees processed and had limited capabilities for follow-up after the event.

To register people at the event, they passed around a clipboard and handwrote names and business information. As you can imagine, this information was antiquated, inaccurate, and disconnected from any automated tracking systems. They didn’t have real-time insight into each of their attendees and couldn’t even be confident in what sessions they attended, making follow-up difficult.

This annual conference was an important component to their overall marketing strategy and they couldn’t rely on their manual processes any longer. They needed an automated solution that could provide an accurate and real-time account of attendees so they could properly and effectively follow-up.



The firm conducted online research to search for a solution that could address their concerns. They vetted a few local software providers and ultimately decided on 2B Solutions. Becky, Marketing Coordinator at the firm says, “After speaking with George at 2B Solutions, we felt they understood our business goals and could provide a flexible solution to help streamline our event management and follow-up processes.”

After a few conceptual meetings, 2B Solutions proposed mobile scanning of badges and a Microsoft SharePoint site that would hold the firms all-up event information. 2B-Events, mobile event tracking software, was installed to seamlessly feed into the SharePoint site from mobile scanning units. These mobile scanning units were used to register and check in attendees by simply scanning attendee badges. The information contained on the badge then automatically updated their SharePoint site. The 2B-Events solution is customizable for single or multiple events as well as for one day or multi-day events. It’s extremely easy to use and keeps scanning even if a wireless connection at the event site is inoperable.


“They needed an automated solution that could provide an accurate and real-time account of attendees so they could properly and effectively follow-up.”



Manual processes for event management and post-event follow-up were a struggle. They couldn’t easily view attendee information for their annual conference, therefore negatively affecting the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

2B Solutions responded to these challenges with Microsoft SharePoint and 2B Events, bringing streamlined technology solutions to the firm. Instead of passing around a clipboard at events to register attendees, high-tech mobile scanning units are used. The information seamlessly imports into their SharePoint site, giving in-depth and real-time insight.

The technology provided by 2B Solutions is helping them stay effective in marketing and sales, improving their bottom line. It’s also been a smooth road for software implementation and support. Becky says, “Our experience with 2B Solutions has been very positive. They are easy to work with and actually answer our questions in a timely fashion.”

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