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Executive working on laptop with documents on the desk
Jun 12

“We wanted a firm-management solution that fit us. Not vice-versa.”

One firm’s path to 2B-LAW There was a special sense of urgency behind Frier Levitt’s recent search for an updated & improved firm management software system. “We’d stored so much data in our previous platform, we were very close to crashing it,” explains co-founding partner Jonathan Levitt. At the same time, continues Project Manager & […]

Client management - insights
Apr 14

Client Management and Prospecting with Dynamics CRM and 2B-LAW

Clients and prospects want to feel important. They want to feel like you care and that you’re watching out for their best interest. Client management and prospecting just got easier with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and 2B-LAW.   2B-LAW for Dynamics CRM already has the details about your clients, their matters, and your potential clients, but now […]

Feb 19

Are You Losing Out on Referral Fees by not Tracking Referrals?

No attorney can handle every case that crosses their desk, so referrals are a very important part of the legal profession.  Referrals help insure that clients get the best representation while also creating valuable partnerships among attorneys and firms.  But some firms are losing out on referral fees by not tracking referrals and automating follow […]

Law Firms Prioritize and Automate
Jan 22

3 Ways Law Firms Can Prioritize Potential Clients and Automate Follow Up

New clients are the life blood for many law firms, so how do you make sure the best leads don’t fall through the cracks?  It’s absolutely necessary that firms centralize all inquiries, label the best ones, schedule follow up, and track referrals that don’t fit.  When law firms can prioritize potential clients and automate follow […]

Jan 18

One-Click Document Generation with 2B-LAW for Dynamics CRM

For attorneys and legal assistants, creating and generating client (custom) documents is a must.  2B-LAW for Dynamics CRM users can now generate customized documents from any record in just one click!  This includes Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.  No more “Find and Replace” or mess with clunky mail merge in Word!  Instantly create contracts, letters, […]

CRM app for phones
Sep 03

Showcasing the New Dynamics CRM Phone App

Have you seen or tried the new Dynamics CRM phone app?  It’s free and I think you’ll agree that the design and functionality is a HUGE improvement over older versions.  Here are some of the features: Access your activities, accounts, contacts, and leads from an easy-to-use home page Guided contextual business process Quickly enter customer […]