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Client management - insights
Apr 14

Client Management and Prospecting with Dynamics CRM and 2B-LAW

Clients and prospects want to feel important. They want to feel like you care and that you’re watching out for their best interest. Client management and prospecting just got easier with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and 2B-LAW.   2B-LAW for Dynamics CRM already has the details about your clients, their matters, and your potential clients, but now […]

Apr 28

Mobile Dynamics CRM and RESCO | Converting Leads and Prospects

By Brandon Hernandez Developer, 2B Solutions How can you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and RESCO to benefit your sales team?  In today’s world, every company and sales team has their own unique way to obtain and measure success in the field.  It’s up to us, as mobile CRM experts, to provide a mobile solution that […]

2B Solutions Field Sales
Apr 21

Mobile Dynamics CRM and RESCO | Enhanced Chart Drill-Down Ability

By Brandon Hernandez Developer, 2B Solutions When we first implemented the Dynamics CRM and RESCO chart changes mentioned in the previous entry (see: Gesture Recognition on Dashboard Charts) we received very positive feedback from the field sales representatives.  The push back that was received came from the executive team that was also utilizing the mobile […]

2B App Development
Apr 16

Mobile Dynamics CRM and RESCO | Gesture Recognition on Dashboards

By Brandon Hernandez Developer, 2B Solutions, Inc Mobile CRM is a growing topic and there are many ways to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets.  As a RESCO Gold Partner, we not only provide customization services for the mobile app using Woodford, but also advanced customization.  When you reach the limits of Woodford, we can […]

Apr 15

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Chrome Books and Acer Aspire Netbooks?

By Alan Camp Vice President Client Solutions, 2B Solutions, Inc. One of our Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers is a not-for-profit that conducts health screening events for around 30,000 children a year at schools across the state.  Up to this point, they have been using a combination of Chrome Books and Acer Aspire netbooks to […]