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Feb 26

Mobile Inventory Management for Dynamics CRM Use Case

Understanding how other companies use a solution is sometimes the best way to understand the solution.  Although WIMS for CRM offers many different warehouse and inventory management features directly within Dynamics CRM, mobile inventory tracking will reduce the time it takes to input and track data along with improving the data accuracy. Customer Overview: Real […]

WIMS for CRM Platform Image
Jul 09

Extending the Dynamics CRM Platform for Inventory Management

First, a little background ….. We’ve been extending the Dynamics CRM platform for many, many years.  Although we originally began selling and implementing Microsoft CRM (version 1.2 – yes, that’s right.  Version 1.2) to businesses mostly for account and opportunity management, we quickly realized that it was capable of far more.  In a sense, we […]

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Mar 31

Benefits of Just-In-Time Inventory Replenishment Using Dynamics CRM

A just-in-time approach to inventory replenishment keeps inventory levels extremely low.   What are other benefits of just-in-time inventory replenishment using Dynamics CRM?  Inventory is ordered from suppliers based on customer needs and related orders. This approach differs from the more common alternative of purchasing based on a forecast of what customer orders might be. By […]

Vendors in Dynamics CRM
Feb 26

Vendor and Supplier Management Using Dynamics CRM

Tracking vendors and suppliers is an essential part of the purchasing process. It is crucial to have information such as a suppliers last cost, average cost, last purchase date, etc. so that you can determine the very best purchasing strategy for your organization. We provide this level of detail directly inside of Microsoft Dynamics CRM […]

Jan 08

Dynamics CRM Add-on Track Inventory across Multiple Stocking Locations

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you the tools to manage basic inventory and products but it doesn’t give you the ability to track inventory  across multiple stocking locations. Most organizations need to take inventory management a step further. WIMS for CRM is a Microsoft Dynamics add-on for inventory and warehouse management. If you have products in […]