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2B helps you keep track of your business critical information.

If you’re interested in tracking critical information, managing a larger pipeline of prospects, or closing more deals, we’d love to talk. And we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll love to talk to us.  This includes having that critical data in the field.  Map account visits, track your inventory and samples, and take signatures from anywhere.


By implementing a customized Microsoft Dynamics CRMsolution, we can get your organization managing all of that data like a pro.


We also offer fully customized and integrated solutions for healthcare. We can leverage our xRMField Sales, and Mobile Event and Ticket Tracking solutions to ensure your asset tracking, prospect monitoring, and events are managed.

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The Cloud as a Platform

Startups and small businesses use cloud services for the savings, but the cloud platform is really about a better way to do business. It means smaller companies can get the benefits of big IT systems without the up-front capital investments and the ongoing costs of maintaining and expanding a data center. That helps businesses of […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Spring Wave Release Preview Guide

Positive customer experience is an increasingly important ingredient for companies to win and retain customers. Customer engagement from Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps companies deliver exceptional customer experiences, creating long-term relationships based on knowledge and trust. Today, the process of engaging customers can’t be one-size-fits-all. It needs to be adaptive across all touch points and within […]

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Testimonials for 2B


We have partnered with 2B for several years now and we really appreciate how they work with us and how they take care of our mutual customers. They know Microsoft CRM extremely well and they do a great job implementing it and creating custom solutions on it.

John Gravely, CEO - ClickDimensions

Resco partners with 2B Solutions for a long long time and they constantly prove they are one of the best partners Resco works with--very active, come up with lots of feedback and most of all, they are true professionals.

Ivan Stano - RESCO
Atherotech Diagnostics Lab

2B Solutions has been the perfect partner for us. They took us seriously and easily adapted to the twists and turns while we were establishing new internal IT procedures. We finally got a CRM system that is working very well for us and the mobile platform has been a huge hit.

Mike Tarwater, Vice President of IT - Atherotech
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