Magento ecommerce integration

Magento eCommerce to Counterpoint POS Integration

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Magento Order Importer for CPSQL

  • Automatic Importing of Magento Orders Through Magento API
  • Automatic Uploading of Tracking Numbers
  • Automatic Customer Creation
  • Order Import Batching for High Volume sites
  • Custom Mapping Tables for Payment and Shipping Methods

CPSQL to Magento Updater

  • The FASTEST, AUTOMATIC way of updating Quantity, Price, Description, etc
  • Updates through a direct Microsoft SQL to MySQL database connection
  • Capable of updating up to 30 Custom Item Attributes
  • Supports Normal, Gridded and Alternate Unit Items
  • Location Specific Pricing and Inventory Quantities
  • Interfaces with an unlimited number of eCommerce Databases
Magento Store Manager from

  • Bulk Importing of New Products, Categories, Images and Customers
  • Desktop Software for Managing your eCommerce Database
  • User Friendly program for Managing Inventory, Customers and Orders
  • Add-on integration with eBay
Avalara’s End-to-End Sales Tax Compliance Service

  • Instant Sales Tax Automation for Magento
  • Help your customers conquer the complex and ever changing tax laws

The Magento to CounterPoint advanced ecommerce integration solution is compatible with CounterPoint SQL 8.3.9, 8.4.4+ and Magento Community Edition 1.5.1+ and Magento Professional and Enterprise Edition 1.10+. The solution has been in development for over two years and can be customized for unique customer needs.

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