2B-LAW is a legal management solution built on Dynamics 365.

2B-LAW is a simple to use, web-based legal management solution that will replace time-consuming, manual processes with new point-and-click automation.  Simplify your matter and client management by enabling legal professionals and administrators to work securely and collaborate from any device, anytime.  Built as an xRM solution, 2B-LAW for Dynamics 365 features include:

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Simplified Matter Management | View and update matter information from a single screen.

Matter record

Matter record

Customizable Dashboards for All Users

2B-LAW Dashboard

2B-LAW Managing Partner Dashboard


Parkman & White LLC - Attorneys at Law2B-LAW includes the specific fields and back-end workflows to expedite client intake and conversion.  This means that you are tracking a potential client (lead) from the point of contact with your law firm to signing up as a client.   With 2B-LAW, you can capture all relevant information on the front end, prioritize the best prospects, and streamline the intake process.

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The Cloud as a Platform

Startups and small businesses use cloud services for the savings, but the cloud platform is really about a better way to do business. It means smaller companies can get the benefits of big IT systems without the up-front capital investments and the ongoing costs of maintaining and expanding a data center. That helps businesses of […]

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Parkman & White LLC - Attorneys at Law

Parkman and White LLC | Legal

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Parkman & White LLC - Attorneys at Law

There is a real need for this kind of solution in the legal industry and I would absolutely recommend Microsoft Dynamics CRM and 2B Solutions.

William White, Partner - Parkman & White, LLC
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Parkman & White LLC - Attorneys at Law

2B Solutions really listened to what we needed and made it happen. In fact, they thought about things we never would have and continue to support us through any modifications or new reports we ask for.

William White, Partner - Parkman & White, LLC

Capture potential client and matter information from the first call.

From the potential client LEAD form, enter contact information, quoted fee, matter type, matter notes, etc.  When the potential client calls back to hire your firm, all data is already saved.  Use the global search field to find the lead and simply CONVERT TO LEGAL MATTER.  This will automatically create a new legal matter and the contact record (client) related to the matter.  From there, add associated contacts and others that might impact the outcome or research of the matter at hand.

Capture Legal Case Leads

Case Lead Form


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