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WIMS for CRM is Warehouse and Inventory Management for Dynamics CRM.

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  • Extend your Dynamics CRM investment
  • Same interface, added functionality

Trust that inventory counts are accurate and available in real-time for order taking, order processing, customer service and beyond!  Every company has assets – WIMS for CRM tracks that too!  WIMS for CRM provides the tools and functionality for tracking your warehouse and inventory for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

WIMS for CRM is a warehouse and inventory management solution, consisting of a web based app and mobile  barcode scanner, that allows users to track and manage all elements of the warehousing world. This solution consists of CRM customizations/add-ons as well as a custom mobile application that integrates with Microsoft CRM and is easily customizable.

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Built exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, WIMS for CRM takes Dynamics CRM and Inventory to the next level.

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  • Inventory Management
  • Multiple Stocking Locations (warehouses, vans, etc.)
  • Order Tracking
  • Order Picking
  • Customer Management
  • Simplify Transfers
  • Track Bin Location and Serial #s
  • Vendor Management
  • Receiving & Putaway
  • Purchase Orders
  • Mobile Barcode Scanning
  • Shipping Information
  • Track Assets too!
  • And more!

Mobile Barcode Scanner - CHECK!

If you are like most of our customers, you also need to scan barcodes.  Not only do you need scan barcodes, but that data needs wireless integrate with your database.  WIMS Mobile includes this functionality and integration.  It is packed with features and functionality but can also be customized for your business and processes.

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Mobile Inventory Management

WIMS Mobile

WIMS Mobile Scanner for CRM

  • Item Lookup
  • Stock Count
  • Receiving
  • Put-Away
  • Picking
  • Transfers

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Testimonials for 2B


Before WIMS, our 11 warehouses were very disjointed. They were using their own systems to track inventory and orders. After WIMS, things have fallen seamlessly in place. We know right down to the test tube, how many we have, when it needs to be ordered and how many need to be ordered. In fact, the system is working so well, we’ve had many other countries as well as states, come and visit us to learn how to replicate it in their regions.

Steve Ricks, Director - AMSTI

We have partnered with 2B for several years now and we really appreciate how they work with us and how they take care of our mutual customers. They know Microsoft CRM extremely well and they do a great job implementing it and creating custom solutions on it.

John Gravely, CEO - ClickDimensions
Indiana Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

We used to spend hours tracking kits down and sometimes wouldn’t succeed. We couldn’t prove that it was shipped and to
where, so we ended up sending new kits that cost us more time and money.

Brandon Sorge, Director of Operations - I-STEM
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