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Everyone’s talking about how important it is to implement mobile solutions for your business. What types of information can be viewed, edited, updated, etc. on a mobile device? How does this relate to your business? We have the answers for you. Our Field Sales solution pulls relevant information from applications like Microsoft CRM to a custom mobile app designed to work the way you work. With our proven technology and dedicated team, you can have a beta version of just about any mobile app in 10 days or less!

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Always Be Closing Sales e-Book: The ABC’s of Sales in the Modern Era

Distributed by Microsoft, this sales eBook is all about finding the way back to the heart of sales with technology that is helpful without getting in the way.  The sad truth we face with the complexity and pressure in today’s market is a salesperson can only spend about 22% of their time actually selling. Even […]

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Outlook Basics eBook

If you’re like many people, you already use Microsoft Outlook as your communications, scheduling, and contact management hub. But maybe you’re new to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and all that it has to offer? With CRM for Outlook, a free add-in for Microsoft Outlook, you can take advantage of what you already know about Outlook to […]

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Testimonials for 2B


At Oakworth, we are constantly looking for ways to “bring the bank” to our clients. The new mobile app is an important component of this objective by equipping us with the solutions we need to service our clients anytime, anywhere.

Sam Scalici, Managing Director and Head of Banking - Oakworth Capital Bank

We have partnered with 2B for several years now and we really appreciate how they work with us and how they take care of our mutual customers. They know Microsoft CRM extremely well and they do a great job implementing it and creating custom solutions on it.

John Gravely, CEO - ClickDimensions
Parkman & White LLC - Attorneys at Law

2B Solutions really listened to what we needed and made it happen. In fact, they thought about things we never would have and continue to support us through any modifications or new reports we ask for.

William White, Partner - Parkman & White, LLC
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Learn how you can:

  • Eliminate the Clipboard! 

    Do you have employees on the road, servicing customers?  Do they have a paper work order or other document that they depend on for productivity?  What type of information does this paper contain?  You can completely replace this paper and the clipboard by implementing a mobile solution.  The fields are fully customizable and the forms are easy to use.  Need more than one form?  No problem!  Plus, capture a signature, use the built in camera, and submit a completed order real-time.  Don’t have a wireless connection?  No problem!  You can work offline too!  GO MOBILE and eliminate the clipboard and paper processes!

  • Eliminate Duplicate Data! 

    How many times are you having to enter in data after it’s initially captured?   What is pending while this data is waiting to be “put in the system”?  Payment?  Documenting a happy customer?  Next phase in a sales cycle?  The time, labor and potential for errors will dramatically decrease when data is captured at the source.  GO MOBILE and eliminate duplicate data!

  • Eliminate the Paper Notebook!

    Those in sales are notorious for keeping up with accounts and opportunities in the “notebook”.  While this might work for a single person organization, it is not ideal for any other organization.  Keeping the data secluded rather than centralized is a recipe for disaster.  Opportunities fall through the cracks, account management is sporadic and it is almost impossible to be efficient with tracking the history of the customer.   GO MOBILE and eliminate the notebook!

  • Eliminate the Stack of Folders!

    There was a time when having a 360 degree view of an account meant organizing a stack of folders and their contents.  They were color coded with the most important information written on the outside of the folder – contacts, phone numbers, etc.  But now, you can have a CRM system to do this for you.  But do you still print these documents and travel with that stack of folders?  GO MOBILE!  Get the most out of your CRM system by utilizing Mobile CRM.  With Mobile CRM, you can use your mobile device for more than just contact information.  Document management:  view specific documents related to specific clients.  Account management:  view all relevant account information including contacts, history and more.  Use Mobile CRM for case management and tracking time in the field.  GO MOBILE and eliminate the stack of folders!

  • Eliminate Spreadsheet Nightmares!

    You’ve seen those spreadsheets…you know the ones…..multi worksheets that are neatly color coded and contain more calculations than you’d want to count.  How reliable is the information?  Does your field service and field sales team have the latest version and information to accurately do their job?  CRM gives you the ability to track just about anything!  With Mobile CRM, you give your team in the field accurate data when and where they need it the most…..while with customers!  GO MOBILE and eliminate spreadsheet nightmares!

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