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2B Solutions, Inc. has been providing solutions that extend Counterpoint for almost a decade. These range from mobile applications to integration services. We are constantly adding additional features and enhancements to all of our products and services. We enjoy working with CP partners as well as end users.

Mobile Warehouse Scanner

Mobile Inventory Management for CounterPoint

2B-Inventory, mobile inventory management, is designed for businesses of all sizes who want the flexibility of using a hand-held mobile scanning solution with built-in intelligence and ease of use to manage inventory.  2B-Inventory was first developed and integrated with CounterPoint in 2006.

• Item Lookup • Receiving • Physical Count • Transfers • Mobile Tickets/Orders • Purchase Orders/Requests • Inventory Adjustments

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Mobile Order Picking

Automate the process of order picking using our mobile order picking app. The app includes built-in intelligence to streamline the picking process and reduce errors.  2B-Picking is 100% wireless and integrates seamlessly with CounterPoint

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Mobile Order Picking

Warehouse and Inventory Management

WIMS for CRM is a warehouse and inventory management solution, consisting of a web based app as well as a mobile phone/tablet app, that allows users to track and manage all elements of the warehousing world.

Need your mobile solution to be rugged?  No problem, there’s an app (and rugged hardware) for that.

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Mobile Tickets & Orders

2B-Sales is a mobile POS solution that puts the functionality and performance of your POS into the palm of your hand.  2B-Sales allows you to service customers from anywhere at any time.  Features include multiple tender options, signature capture, customer information, and MORE!

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Mobile Sales for CounterPoint
2B Solutions' product 2B-Events tracks tickets at the SEC Baseball Tournament

Mobile Attendee, Ticket & Conference Tracking

2B-Events is a mobile attendance tracking app that captures and reports attendance using a mobile device and can be utilized with or without a wireless network. This solution can be used to track attendance for seminars, conferences, trade shows, markets, and more.

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2B-Price Checker
Price Check Kiosk

Give your customers instant access to item information.  2B-Price Check is a self service kiosk solution that streamlines your operations and delights your customers!

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Price check kiosk

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Customer Relationship Management

We’ve developed the integration so that you can deliver differentiated and compelling customer experiences with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes work personal by helping people across sales, marketing, and customer care teams reignite the passion they feel for their jobs so they can deliver amazing customer experiences.

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