xRM - Anything Relationship Manager

xRM or 'Anything' Relationship Manager connects your business resources in ways that save you time and money.

xRM utilizes Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a platform that, along with customization and our mobile app development know how, allows customers to manage basically anything. xRM takes business practices far beyond traditional customer-centric CRM functionality. xRM is a custom-built solution that understands what makes your business thrive, what information needs to be tracked, by whom, and how it needs to be displayed and leveraged to facilitate better business decisions.

Take a look at some of our Dynamics CRM custom xRM solutions:

Extending Dynamics CRM

xRM powered by Dynamics CRM

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The Cloud as a Platform

Startups and small businesses use cloud services for the savings, but the cloud platform is really about a better way to do business. It means smaller companies can get the benefits of big IT systems without the up-front capital investments and the ongoing costs of maintaining and expanding a data center. That helps businesses of […]

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24 Wildy Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft CRM

Since you are interested in reading this white paper, you must be looking for creative ways to help your organization add value to your customers.  Here are 24, YES 24 creative ways companies use Microsoft CRM.  The pace of change we face in our businesses and our lives is astounding, and the expectations of our […]

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Case Studies

Smart Fridge Tracks Inventory Dynamics CRM

Weka Smart Fridge

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Parkman & White LLC - Attorneys at Law

Parkman and White LLC | Legal

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Testimonials for 2B


We have partnered with 2B for several years now and we really appreciate how they work with us and how they take care of our mutual customers. They know Microsoft CRM extremely well and they do a great job implementing it and creating custom solutions on it.

John Gravely, CEO - ClickDimensions

Resco partners with 2B Solutions for a long long time and they constantly prove they are one of the best partners Resco works with--very active, come up with lots of feedback and most of all, they are true professionals.

Ivan Stano - RESCO
Parkman & White LLC - Attorneys at Law

There is a real need for this kind of solution in the legal industry and I would absolutely recommend Microsoft Dynamics CRM and 2B Solutions.

William White, Partner - Parkman & White, LLC
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Having every step of the process in one central place saves us so much time and stress. We also now trust the data we get out of CRM, making business decisions easier.

Cherie Stine, Tech Candy

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