At Oakworth, we are constantly looking for ways to “bring the bank” to our clients. The new mobile app is an important component of this objective by equipping us with the solutions we need to service our clients anytime, anywhere.

Sam Scalici, Managing Director and Head of Banking - Oakworth Capital Bank

Before WIMS, our 11 warehouses were very disjointed. They were using their own systems to track inventory and orders. After WIMS, things have fallen seamlessly in place. We know right down to the test tube, how many we have, when it needs to be ordered and how many need to be ordered. In fact, the system is working so well, we’ve had many other countries as well as states, come and visit us to learn how to replicate it in their regions.

Steve Ricks, Director - AMSTI

We have partnered with 2B for several years now and we really appreciate how they work with us and how they take care of our mutual customers. They know Microsoft CRM extremely well and they do a great job implementing it and creating custom solutions on it.

John Gravely, CEO - ClickDimensions

Resco partners with 2B Solutions for a long long time and they constantly prove they are one of the best partners Resco works with--very active, come up with lots of feedback and most of all, they are true professionals.

Ivan Stano - RESCO
Parkman & White LLC - Attorneys at Law

2B Solutions really listened to what we needed and made it happen. In fact, they thought about things we never would have and continue to support us through any modifications or new reports we ask for.

William White, Partner - Parkman & White, LLC
Parkman & White LLC - Attorneys at Law

There is a real need for this kind of solution in the legal industry and I would absolutely recommend Microsoft Dynamics CRM and 2B Solutions.

William White, Partner - Parkman & White, LLC
Indiana Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

We used to spend hours tracking kits down and sometimes wouldn’t succeed. We couldn’t prove that it was shipped and to
where, so we ended up sending new kits that cost us more time and money.

Brandon Sorge, Director of Operations - I-STEM
Atherotech Diagnostics Lab

2B Solutions has been the perfect partner for us. They took us seriously and easily adapted to the twists and turns while we were establishing new internal IT procedures. We finally got a CRM system that is working very well for us and the mobile platform has been a huge hit.

Mike Tarwater, Vice President of IT - Atherotech

Having every step of the process in one central place saves us so much time and stress. We also now trust the data we get out of CRM, making business decisions easier.

Cherie Stine, Tech Candy
American Film Market

When we decided to move into electronic tracking, 2B Solutions was one of only a few companies that could provide us with the service and flexibility we needed.

Andrea Contarino, American Film Market (AFM)

From the planning, coding, converting data, to training, 2B Solutions has been very helpful and great to work with. They are great business associates, but thru this process, they have also become friends. I recommend them to anyone that has a similar need.

Jeff Loper, Alabama Math Science and Technology Initiative (AMSTI)

Our experience with 2B Solutions has been very positive. They are easy to work with and actually answer our questions in a timely fashion.

Becky Lewis, Harbert Management Company
Indiana Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

2B Solutions has been excellent to work with. When we transferred data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, they broke things down to make it simple. They were always there to answer questions and to give guidance along the way.

Julie Wise, Indiana Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (I-STEM)

The consultants from 2B Solutions were trained to deliver highly customized Mobile CRM app. They show a high level of enthusiasm for new technologies and are very comfortable and knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with mobile platforms.

Zuzana Farkašová, Resco.net, Inc.

2B Solutions has been a valuable partner since 2011, providing handheld inventory management solutions integrated with our retail suite. Our experience with the 2B team has been nothing but positive; and they have been a knowledgeable and professional partner to work with. Any request for help, whether during the sales process or client implementation of our integrated solution, the team at 2B is quick to respond and provide assistance whenever needed. I would highly recommend them as a solution provider or as a solution partner.

Melissa Fox Hadley, The Pinnacle Corporation

Our relationship with 2B Solutions began just over a year ago and it has been incredibly positive. Our business required some major customizations in CRM. Alan Camp, the "CRM Guru", has been able to not only meet our complicated needs but has done so in a timely and professional manner. We have been very happy with the job 2B Solutions has done for us and I would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for a Microsoft partner.

Rebecca Kelley, Proventix, Inc.

2B Solutions has assisted with the implementation, deployment, customization, and upgrade migrations of Microsoft Dynamics CRM across all of our locations. The technical depth of 2B’s staff as well as their knowledge of business to business marketing have made them a valued partner in our sales and marketing automation.

Phillip Miles, CTS, Inc.

2B Solutions' software is really easy to use and setup and works great with Counterpoint. We don't have any issues, and your immediate response to our needs is highly appreciated.

Scott T. Lee - Price Busters Hawaii

Your willingness to go above and beyond is a testament to you and your company's commitment to your customers. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Shelby Mix - Tori Richard Retail