24 Wildy Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft CRM

Since you are interested in reading this white paper, you must be looking for creative ways to help your organization add value to your customers.  Here are 24, YES 24 creative ways companies use Microsoft CRM.  The pace of change we face in our businesses and our lives is astounding, and the expectations of our customers and community members keep rising.  But that’s the great part. We live in a time when innovation has been unleashed. Creative people and businesses inspire us to keep improving and looking for better ways to work.

There is a reason we used “wildly creative”
When we started collecting the stories about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM is being used by some of the thousands of companies around the country, we couldn’t believe what we heard. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to do the heavy lifting, organizations and their Microsoft partners are automating tasks and simplifying operations in every facet of their businesses – it’s not limited to customers.

Because of the growing number of ways that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is being used, the term XRM has been coined.

What do CRM and XRM really mean?
While the acronym CRM officially stands for Customer Relationship Management, the word “Customer” can be replaced with “Constituent” in the case of government or with “Member” in the case of non-profits. Same idea, same relationships.

Taking that concept one step further, XRM refers to Anything Relationship Management (they just had to use an X to be hip). It’s still Microsoft Dynamics CRM at the core, but the system is so flexible and powerful that businesses are using it for everything from scheduling jet ski rentals to organizing large scale events to…well, you’ll see. That’s why we wrote this report.

The examples included are real!  Any one of these ideas may work for your business, non-profit or agency.

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