Always Be Closing Sales e-Book: The ABC’s of Sales in the Modern Era

Distributed by Microsoft, this sales eBook is all about finding the way back to the heart of sales with technology that is helpful without getting in the way.  The sad truth we face with the complexity and pressure in today’s market is a salesperson can only spend about 22% of their time actually selling. Even if a salesperson closes 100% of their deals, they’re only able to do this less than a quarter of their time. This is a problem.
So how do we solve it? We need technology that doesn’t waste a salesperson’s time —that actually helps salespeople do their jobs better, improving their productivity while enabling them to meet today’s customer expectations and the dramatically different buying process.
In this ebook, we tackle the issues facing sales today head on, incorporating changes and developments in the market that your teams need to understand. You’ll also be introduced to the next generation of sales productivity from Microsoft.

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