Dynamics CRM 2015 eBook – Basics Guide

The Dynamics CRM 2015 eBook ….. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Basics guide contains the essentials you need to know to navigate the system, enter data, and move your customers through the sales cycle or resolve a service issue successfully.  They only included just what you need to know to get productive right away, and kept every topic as short as possible. (Think bite-sized servings of info that you can really use. They must know how busy we are.)

Even if your system has been customized to match your business (and you use different names or your screens look different), you’ll still find the CRM Basics guide useful, because they only included tasks that anyone using the system would do, no matter how the screens have been changed.

You can read the guide straight through in order, or only read the topics you’re interested in. Or, if you’re the person responsible for training people at your organization, you can walk through the topics in the training sessions you do with employees.  Use this guide to create your own training materials, if you want.  To make it easier for you to create your own training materials, Microsoft is even giving you a link to editable files, so that you can replace screen shots, change the text, or use your own logo – whatever works to make the training materials match your system and style.


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